1. Regent, a task-based programming language for high-performance distributed computing.

  2. Task Bench, a tool for comprehensively evaluating the performance of distributed and parallel programming systems.

  3. BookMD, a tool for writing books inspired by Jekyll, which I have used to publish several books on behalf of a variety of authors:

  4. The Exander Project, an epic science fiction series set in a distant future universe.

Archived Projects

  1. Random Name Generator based on natural language processing techniques to construct realistic sounding names from U.S. census data.

  2. A file-based integrity checker for extra assurance in your backup process.

  3. AWS infrastructure for a parallel programming course taught at Stanford University.

  4. Some work on a precise garbage collector for Rust, now mostly defunct.

  5. Incognito mode for the original stock Android Browser (i.e., the one that existed before Chrome). You’re welcome. You can find the commits here: 3d6df16f, e440a88f, 8389e996, f0f03954.

  6. A QR decoder plugin for ImageJ.

  7. A 3D game engine written in Common Lisp, along with a zero-G game tech demo.

  8. An earlier 2D game engine, along with a side-scrolling bullet hell shooter, again in Common Lisp.